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For Entrepreneurs Who Love to Leverage Systems to Free Up Their Time...
Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Subscribers
without Creating Another Course, Product, or Service
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Neverending Nurture™ is a Powerful 3-Part Done-With-You Program that Automates Long-Term, Profitable Relationships with Your Email Subscribers

Congrats! You Did It! 

You've Figured Out How to Consistently Get People on Your Email List!

Now What?

You Dream of Having Consistant Sales Coming in from Your List on Auto-Pilot but You're Stuck Because...

  • You have a ton of products, courses, or services  and you're wondering how to move someone through them all
  • You only have one thing to offer your subscribers so what the heck would you put on auto-pilot?
  • The tech is just so. effing. confusing!
  • You don't even know where to begin?
    What emails do you send? When do you send them?
  • You have so many ways to get on your list, how would you even know what to offer to the different kinds of subscribers?
  • And, even if you did create a long-term nurture, how would you know if it was working?

It's All Just So. Dang. Overwhelming.

here's the key...
You Must Use Human Nature to Have Your Customers Saying "Shut Up and Take My Money" Over & Over
You know people love to buy but they hate to be sold

So, what's the difference in those two things?

How well you go along with their
Human Nature.

When you go along with people's human nature, and lead them to a decision they make themselves, they love to buy.

If they're pushed them into a decision they aren't sure about, they feel "sold" (and you have that icky "salesy" feeling).

That's why I want to show you a framework I developed to have your customers saying “Shut Up & Take My Money!” over and over!
(not only because it increases your revenue but also because it increases your ability to help more people!)


shift thinking
level-up ladder
At this stage, you are building the foundation for your relationshipYou’re identifying their problem, empathizing with them, and building their trust in you. 

You do this through publishing… your emails, your social media, your podcast, your publicity, etc. Each time they hear you, you’re building trust.  

But, information alone doesn’t build trust.
You also have to shift your person's thinking.
This is the step most people miss.
shift thinking
Giving your people “Ah-Ha” moments is the fastest way to build trust and shift their thinking. 

And the shifting thinking is what really opens the door for the transform phase. It is how you earn the right to help them transform.

In this phase, the money transaction happens, but it is also where you fully bring them into a new way of thinking and helping them solve their problems. 

You’re helping them 
→ believe that they can solve this problem
→ teaching them how
→ giving them the support to do it

This will expand their world and bring them to the Level Up Ladder.
level-up ladder
After they’ve transformed, a new problem will always appear, giving you the opportunity to start the framework all over again with a different or bigger problem.

these 4 steps are a neverending loop
That's how you become their “SHUT UP & TAKE MY MONEY” person!
These 4 stages are a cycle… they repeat… over & over.
So you never need to worry about
→ what comes next
→ what to write about
→ what to create

Because every level brings a new devil, there’s always going to be a new problem to solve. (Always…)

And with this framework, your customers trust you to help them in their continual journey. 

Now, You May Be Thinking...

That's great, Monica! I totally get it!

But How Do I Do this for My Business?

It's Time to Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Subscribers With

the live, 2-part
"done-with-you" program
I'm not going to lie to you, this is complex, high-level stuff. It takes time and focus. 

That's why I've designed this program as a "Done-With-You" program that has 2 Parts:
1) 5-Hour 'Get-It-Planned' Event
2) 12 Weeks of Live Q&A/Work Time
we start with the


a 5-hour event with 3 sessions
each session includes training, q&a time, and hands-on work time
My team and I will be there to help you at every step so you don't get stuck and never get this done!


Mr. Miyagi Mapping Method

Define Your Person’s Success Path so They’ll Succeed
In Session 1, you’ll create a high-level plan of your Neverending Nurture using “Mr. Miyagi Mapping Methods” so your person achieves their goals. You’ll layer in your products/services in a way that builds long-term trust, no matter if you have a ton of things to sell or you only have one. 

This trust creates more revenue, increasing the lifetime value of your customer. It also creates raving fans that want to share how you've transformed their life with their friends.
at the end of session 1, You'll have
⇾ A Clear Understanding of Your Subscriber’s Desired Transformation and How Your Products Help Them

⇾ A High-Level Map Defined for Your Neverending Nurture that Builds Relationships and Generates Revenue


Inform & Transform Plan

How to Automate Creating Relationships & Revenue
In Session 2, you’ll take the map from Session 1 and chart out the detailed plan for getting your subscriber through your Neverending Nurture. This includes our “Inform & Transform” framework so your subscriber flows seamlessly from nurture to purchase again and again as they move through your products and services. 

The plan works no matter how they choose to get on your email list. This guided path shows your subscriber how much you care about them. 
at the end of session 2, You'll have
⇾ The Detailed Plan of Your Neverending Nurture, including the Exact Email Sequences and Timing to Inform & Transform 

⇾ Clearly Defined Metrics to Know if Your Neverending Nurture is Working


Automation Creation

Build Your Neverending Nurture without Tech Debt
In Session 3, you’ll take your Neverending Nurture plan from Session 2 and put the final polishing details on it. We’ll cover best practices for creating your automations, including when to use tags vs lists, tag naming conventions, list naming conventions, starting and stopping automations, and how to test along the way. 

Don’t worry, it will be in simple steps so you don’t get overwhelmed by all the tech or create tech messes you'll have to clean up later... aka "tech debt".
at the end of session 3, You'll have
⇾ Your Neverending Nurture Fully Planned, Ready to Build

⇾ A Full Understanding of Your 24/7 Revenue Machine, ready for Future Additions, Subscriber Transformations, and Long-Term Nurture & Sales

Friday, December 18th
9:30AM - 3:00PM CST


Wednesday, December 30th
9:30AM - 3:00PM CST
then, we move into


Each Week, We Will Meet for 60 Minutes of Q&A and Hands-On Work Time.
This will help you break through any barriers you encounter while building your Neverending Nurture (and trust me, you'll hit barriers).
*Weekly Call Time will Be Determined by Best Time for the Majority of the Group; We Start in Jan 2021

that's not all

Let's Review the Extra Goodies to Help You Push Through Neverending Nurture Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Breezy Style

bonus 1

 Your Specific Tech Guide

There is no way to cover every single technology out there you could use to build the automations. In this printable bonus, I'll guide you through how to figure out the tech for your software and how to get free help quickly when you need it.
this bonus helps you
✓ Create the automations in your autoresponder software 
✓ Know exactly when and how to get the tech support you need 

bonus 2

"Let's Buy Now" Layer

In this bonus, you'll learn how to use a specific software program to motivate your subscriber to act now. This increases your conversions and gets your subscriber their desired transformation as quickly as possible.
this bonus helps you
✓ Create real urgency, so your conversions increase

bonus 3

12 "Fill-In-The-Blank" Email Series

In this bonus, you'll get 10 "Fill-In-The-Blank" email series to build out your Neverending Nurture:
     ‣ Welcome to the List Emails (3 emails)
     ‣ Welcome to a Product/Consumption Emails (5 emails)
     ‣ ​​New Subscriber Promos (6 emails)
     ‣ ​​Movin' On Up Upsell Promos (12 emails)
     ‣ ​​​Product Launch Emails (6 emails)
     ‣ Evergreen Webinar Emails (7 emails)
     ‣ ​​​Story Sell Emails (3 emails)
     ‣ ​​​Surprise Sell Emails (5 emails)
     ‣ ​​​Testimonials Gathering (1 email)
     ‣ ​​​Let's Find Out Emails (3 emails)
     ‣ ​​​Re-Engagement Emails (5 emails)
     ‣ Segment Your Existing List Emails (3 emails)

Also, if I find there's a series we need to get your Neverending Nurture done, I'll make a template for it!
this bonus helps you
✓ Write all. the. emails. so your Neverending Nurture gets done quickly and efficiently

There are only 10 spots available.

This is a complex subject and each person's business is unique. That's why I am only offering 10 spots for Neverending Nurture Live. So I can be sure to help each person individually.

It's Time to Stop Handing Zuck & Alph Your Money Without an LTV-Increasing Back-End in Place

Throwing money at Zuckerbook, Pintastic, or the All-Knowing Alphabet is expensive AF. It's hard and takes a ton of resources to do well. 

If you enjoy spending money on ads over and over without a solid, on-going, 24/7, optimizable, reliable revenue-generating machine behind those expensive ads, more power to you.
But, if you want to expect a specific amount of revenue in 90 days from each new subscriber and know exactly how to increase their lifetime value, Neverending Nurture Live is a no-brainer for you.
Save yourself the hours of endless questions, overwhelm, and bottles of ibuprofen. 

Get Neverending Nurture Live now.

Always cheering for you,

live event
  • Mr. Miyagi Mapping Method
    (valued at $1,000)
  • Inform & Transform Plan
    (valued at $2,000)
  • Automation Creation 
    (valued at $500)
12 weeks of live coaching
  • 12 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
    (valued at $3,000)
to help 
  • Your Specific Tech Guide 
    (valued at $197)
  • ​​"Let's Buy Now" Layer
    (valued at $197)
  • 12 "Fill-In-The-Blank" Series 
    (valued at $1800)
Total Value = $8,694
Regular Price = $997
Today’s Price = $297

Still Reading? 

Maybe You're Looking for Info about Me and If I Can Really Help You....

Here's the Scoop, this is a New Program so there Aren't Specific Tesimonials... Yet.
But I'm no new kid on the block so here's what people say about me and my other programs.

Or Maybe You Have a Question?

What if I Can't Make One of the Live Dates?
You can still join Neverending Nurture Live, but you'll need to do the 5 hours of work before the coaching sessions so you'll be all caught up!
Who Will Benefit the Most from Neverending Nurture Live?
Neverending Nurture Live is best for people that have an email list and at least one product/offer to talk about. I'll be showing you ways to build out your nuture without adding more products, but you should have at least one.
What Tech Do I Need?
Most autoresponder programs will be able to handle your long-term nurture. If you're not sure, email support [@] and we'll help you out!
What Kind of Result Can I Expect?
I had this system implemented in my last business and it worked so well (I'm not allowed to give specifics because of my NDA). In my business now, I've implemented only two automated sequences and they've brought in an extra $997 from just 492 people seeing them!
What If I Still Have a Question?
Email support [@] and we'll answer it!
live event
  • Mr. Miyagi Mapping Method
    (valued at $1,000)
  • Inform & Transform Plan
    (valued at $2,000)
  • Automation Creation 
    (valued at $500)
12 weeks of live coaching
  • 12 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
    (valued at $3,000)
to help 
  • Your Specific Tech Guide 
    (valued at $197)
  • ​​"Let's Buy Now" Layer
    (valued at $197)
  • 12 "Fill-In-The-Blank" Series 
    (valued at $1800)
Total Value = $8,694
Regular Price = $997
Today’s Price = $297
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